About The Junction

Who we are:

The Junction was originally a Centre, set up by community relations practitioners in March 2000, to consolidate and strengthen community relations work. The Centre provided a space for activities that fed into the development of relationships, better understanding, and mutual respect. The Junction has a local, regional, national and international remit.

As part of the DiverseCity Community Partnership, the Centre has been rebuilt. The work of the Junction continues on as a community education and training for peace building organisation, allowing people to connect critically and grow organically in pace with the development of a new civic society in Northern Ireland.  The Junction seeks to inform and validate approaches, policy and practice that value people and empower them to live with their differences.

The objectives of the Junction are to provide:

  • Human resources by way of expertise, advice, training and support
  • Clearing house of good models of practice, knowledge, and insights on approaches and methods
  • Commitment to improved community relations work through proactive methods which both complement existing work and initiate new work
  • Promotion of functional relationships between the communities which encourage interdependency
  • Promotion of individual development
  • Empower individuals to make a difference within their own community
  • Develop training and education resources on conflict resolution and peace building

Activities and Services:

The ethos on which much of the work is based derives from Community Development and Community Relations’ principles.  These tailor the activities of the Junction and focus on the primary values of moral, civic, social and political education and evaluation.  The Centre is non-prescriptive and avoids preconceived notions about ‘correct’ solutions.

The Junction acts as an ‘access point’ and ‘gatekeeper’ guiding, resourcing and supporting individuals and organisations in community relations work including peace-building; cultural education; anti-sectarianism; overcoming structural sectarianism; dealing with the past, and working with the most vulnerable in society such as victims of the conflict.  The influencing of policy at the local, regional, national and international levels are among its core functions.

The Junction has set up and oversees the management of a number of specific projects, responding to particular needs and working within a timeframe. Two major projects currently within the Junction are:

Liberation From Patriarchy for Gender Justice Addressing the causes of, and resulting damage of patriarchy

Ethical and Shared Remembering  Commemoration in a New Context – Remembering a Decade of Change and Violence 1912-1922


The Junction is a registered publisher and has produced a collection of books, DVD’s and resources. We will continue adding to this collection in the future.