• Ethics and the Easter Rising

    Johnston McMaster and Cathy Higgins

    The 1916 Easter Rising has become the foundational myth of the Irish Republic. It was set in the wider context of nineteenth century militarised nationalism. There was a world before the Rising, larger than Ireland, and there were Irish risings before…read more

  • Ethical and Shared Remembering Information Booklet

    Johnston McMaster in partnership with Maureen Hetherington

    Information Booklet


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  • Churches In Exile

    Cathy Higgins

    What is the future of the churches in Ireland? The recent census in Northern Ireland confirms that fewer people are identifying with any church, whether Catholic or Protestant. Is this a sign of end times for church, or just church as we know it? Like…read more

  • Personalities of the Decade 1912-1922

    Dr Johnston McMaster

    Facts and figures do not make history interesting. Personalities do. People are history-makers for good and ill, and during the crucial decade, 1912-1922, there were key personalities and key players. Politicians were exclusively male.

    The book…read more

  • War and Memory

    Johnston McMaster & Cathy Higgins

    1912-1922 was a critical decade of change and violence in Ireland. The events of the decade need to be seen together and not in isolation from each other. It shaped the socio-political landscape in Ireland for the rest of the 20th century and the unresolved…read more

  • Profiling Irish Women Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

    Dr Cathy Higgins

    In December 1920 Hanna Sheehy Skeffington published the final issue of the suffrage newspaper, the Irish citizen. She remarked, with heavy heart, that the women’s emancipation movement was just “marking time”. In 1922 the Irish Free…read more

  • Peer Mediation A Process For Primary Schools

    Jerry Tyrrell

    Using the direct experience of a number of people who have successfully set up peer mediation in schools, this book explains, step by step,how to set up such processes in your school - the pitfalls and the rewards - and offers advice and practical…read more

  • No Dope Here? Anti-Drugs Vigilantism in Northern Ireland

    John Lindsay

    Since the 1990s, the accusation most commonly levelled against the victims of ‘punishment’ attacks and murders has been one of involvement in the trade in illegal drugs. This brutal paramilitary ‘justice’ is one of the least researched aspects…read more

  • A Passion for Justice: Social Ethics in the Celtic Tradition

    Johnston McMaster

    The story of early Irish or Celtic faith communities provides insights, models and inspiration for a new Irish story. This book explores the early Irish or Celtic Story of people and personalities, their stories part history, part myth, in Celtic perspective…read more

  • Visioning the Future 2012-2022

    Johnston McMaster

    This booklet is about a vision which is needed for a different kind of Northern Ireland and Ireland. A new kind of common good is to be imagined and creative dreaming is required for the shaping of a 21st century civic society, which is both local…read more

  • Living with the Legacy: Key Themes of the Decade, Past and Present

    Johnston McMaster, Cathy Higgins and Maureen Hetherington

    This booklet examines the key themes of a century ago, not only trying to look critically at them, but also to be serious about the present. How do we deal with nationalism, religion, violence in the 21st century? What are the challenges for now?

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  • Lamenting in Hope: A Theology of Trauma and Healing

    Johnston McMaster and Cathy Higgins

    This booklet looks at a modern Ireland, with its history of violence which has become an Irish ethos, a destructive spirituality of Ireland, which needs to be acknowledged and critiqued in order to work towards hope and peace…. “There is serious…read more

  • Ulster Covenant and Easter Proclamation

    Johnston McMaster

    The Ulster Covenant and Easter Proclamation are, for many, sacred texts. They represent the respective foundational documents of two parts of Ireland. This booklet explores the shared values of these two religio-political documents.


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  • Ethical Theological Responses to Shared Remembering: 1912-1922

    Johnston McMaster

    This booklet is an attempt to provide those in the faith community with a basis for critical theo-ethical reflection on a crucial and defining decade in Irish history. People of faith have a contribution to make to a decade of commemoration and the…read more

  • Ethical and Shared Remembering: A Decade of Change and Violence 1912-1922

    Johnston McMaster

    This booklet represents an overview of the decade 1912-1922. Rather than an in-depth treatment, it explores the decade as a whole and the inter-relationships between all the key events.