Thursday 22nd September at 10.30 am – 12.30 pm followed by lunch, in the Holywell: DiverseCity Community Partnership building (funded through OFMDFM): Johnston McMaster will be speaking about ‘Building The Future Together’: Exploring who we are within the context of a global and changing world. An important dialogue that unpacks the moral foundations of the European Union, Democracy and Citizenship and what BREXIT means for our future. Friday 7th October at 11.00 am – 1.00 pm followed by lunch, venue to be confirmed (funded through Derry City and Strabane District Council): Johnston McMaster and other speakers will explore the Decade of Centenaries: Beyond 2016: Exploring the rest of the decade of commemorations from 1916 – 1922 including the potential difficulties facing Ireland, North and South.


    KEY AREAS OF EXPLORATION: - Challenging Memory and History - Victims, Victimology, and the State of Exception - Space, Place, and Inscription - Consensus, Fragmentation, and What Now for Northern Irish Social Memory? Click here to download presentation!


    Wk 1: the Nature and History of Patriarchy
    Wk 2: Patriarchy in Ireland One Hundred Years Ago
    Wk 3: Religion, Patriarchy and Violence
    Wk 4: The Gender Myth: More than Two Sexes
    Wk 5: Beyond the Irish Constitution and Gender Politics
    Wk 6: UN Resolution 1325 and Human Rights

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  • Restorative Justice: Types and Limitations

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  • How Patriarchy Affects The Way We Think

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