The Ethical and Shared Remembering Project comes with a comprehensive training manual with accompanying resources (see publications), including a DVD. Below is an overview of the training programme:

Commemoration in a New Context
Remembering a Decade of Change and Violence in Ireland
1912 - 1922

1. The Decade in Global Context:  Imperialism and Nationalism
2. The Decade in Local Context: Religion and Labour Relations
3. An Ethical Framework and Guidelines for Remembering
4. Integrative Complexity: A Way of Seeing
5. Covenant, Guns and Militarised Politics
6. Rising, Blood Sacrifice and Equality Deferred
7. Covenant and Proclamation in the 21st Century
8. The Somme, Slaughter and Sectarianised Memory
9. An Irish Parliament and a War of Independence
10. Partition, Civil War and Legacy
11. Violence against Women: 1912-1922
12. Shaped by Patriarchy: The Feminist Response
13. The Dance with Death: Yeats, Pearse and Milligan
14. An Alternative to Violence: Synge, Joyce and O’Casey


Towards Understanding and Healing focuses on dealing with the past through storytelling and positive encounter dialogue. Training programmes are accredited by NI Open College Network at Levels, 1, 2 and 3. The modules consist of:

1.  Storytelling Rationale
2.  Storytelling Methodology
3.  The Ethics of Storytelling
4.  Dialogue
5.  The Politics of Victimhood
6.  Truth and Truth Recovery
7.  Remembrance and Commemoration
8.  Forgiveness and Reconciliation


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